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About US

About Us

The journalistic website Blog do Marcelo, launched by the Journalist Marcelo Türme Krieg in April 2008 originally in Brazil, emerged as an alternative in the online journalistic scenario in America, covering a wide range of subjects. Its personalized and modern layout, combined with objective writing, facilitated access to and understanding of regional, national, and international news for its readers.

Marcelo Türme Krieg . CEO and Editor . Email: blogdomarcelo@gmail.com

With a significant monthly average of accesses, documented and with projections of continuous growth, Blog do Marcelo has emerged as one of the main growing media outlets, gaining recognition in the world. Nevertheless, it maintains its main focus on the local and regional audience, establishing itself as a source of alternative and reliable information.

Owned by the company www.webtiva.com.br, Blog do Marcelo relies on an extensive network of contributors and partners in various locations. Its presence is prominent in various online media outlets, strengthening its position as an influential communication channel in the region.

BDM Advantages:

  • Content updated daily, several times a day.
  • Low investment cost.
  • Upward growth curve in audience, noted over the past 4 (four) months.
  • Insertion of banners in fixed positions without rotation with other clients.
  • Dynamic banner insertion link, where the client can update their media themselves, if preferred, without interference from the administrator.
  • All banners are marketed with a link to the client’s website.
  • Press releases from our advertisers are published as a courtesy.
  • Among others to emerge later.

Advertising characteristics on this site:

  • Ads are made through banners, watermarks on exclusive photos, and watermarks on exclusive videos (coming soon).
  • The price of each banner varies according to its size and position. The number of impressions is unlimited.
  • Contract values can be paid monthly or for a minimum visibility of 30 (thirty) days.
  • We offer negotiated discounts for periods exceeding 3 (three) months of advertising.
  • The client is responsible for the production and can host their media in their own place, with visibility from this blog.

Advertiser: Your future client may be reading Blog do Marcelo daily. Win them over with yours and our advantages. Your advertising will be targeted to your region. Use our website as a channel to promote your company, product, and service to the same market you operate in. To clear up these and other doubts about our proposal, please contact us through our dialogue channels:

  • blogdomarcelo@gmail.com (main email)
  • webtiva@gmail.com (alternative email)
  • Voice / Telegram / Whatsapp: +55 (77) 98140 7777
  • Skype: webtiva
  • EIN (BR): 10.669.949/0001-32